History Awareness Set A

Learn all the important one-liner of Indian History. These are the most Important History awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams. There are 4-5 Questions which must be prepared for any upcoming exams. Take a look at the following study material.

As the Indian history is divided into Ancient History (3600 B.C.-500 A.D.), the Middle Ages (500-1500 A.D.), and the Modern Age (1500-present). And the modern period was associated with the growth of science, reason, democracy, and equality.

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  1. Indus Valley Civilization was Flourished Between – 3250 B.C – 2750 B.C
  2. Mohenjo-daro and Harappa are in – Pakistan
  3. The Excavations in Mohenjo-daro were made in – 1922
  4. The Oldest Veda is – Rig Veda
  5. Aryans lived in – Gangetic Valley
  6. Mahavir is called Jiner – For attaining complete Knowledge
  7. Who said that there was no Slavery in India – Megasthenese
  8. Which principle was added by Mahavir in tenets of Jainism – Brahmacharya
  9. The Old name of Delhi was – Indraprastha
  10. Capital of Mauryan Dynasty was – Patna
  11. The Brain trust of Chandra Gupta Maurya was – Kautilya
  12. Alexander invaded India in the Year – 326 B.C
  13. Ashoka conquered Kalinga in the year – 261 B.C
  14. The Gupta dynasty flourished in – 3rd Century A.D
  15. Who was the Indian Napoleon – Samudra Gupta

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Learn more about important history awareness in 2019. As the Indian history and culture are dynamic. There are many historic events which you might know and explore more for a good memory.

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