General Science Awareness Set E

Learn all the important one-liner of General Science Awareness. These are the most important General Science awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams.

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  1. The good conductor of electricity is – Graphite
  2. The heat from the sun reaches the Earth by – Radiation
  3. The different colors of different stars is due to the variation of – Temperature
  4. Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights due to – Radiation
  5. Human heart contains – 4 chambers
  6. The sky appears blue due to – Scattering of light
  7. Know is a measure of – Speed of ship
  8. The short sight in human eye can be corrected by using – Concave lens
  9. cryogenics is a science dealing with – Low temperature
  10. The Brain fever is caused by – Mosquito
  11. Nuclear reactors used to produce electricity are based on – Nuclear fission
  12. The atmospheric layer reflecting radio waves is known as – Ionosphere
  13. The Electron microscope is invented by – Knoll and Ruska
  14. 1 Kilowatt hour is equal to – 6 Mega Joule
  15. Curd is sour due to the presence of – Lactic Acid

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