General Science Awareness Set C

Learn all the important one-liner of General Science Awareness. These are the most important General Science awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams.

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  1. The Cement is made hard with – Hydration and Dissociation of water
  2. The Atom bomb is discovered by – J. Robert Open heimer
  3. A polymeric substance used to make parachute is – Viscose
  4. The term “Milk of magnesia” chemically known as – Magnesium Hydroxide
  5. The Formation of ozone hole is maximun over – Antarctica
  6. The gas used for artificial ripening of fruits is – Ethylene
  7. The Gobar gas mainly contains – Methane
  8. Humberger effect is known as – Choloride shift
    9 The natural source of hydrocarbon is – Crude oil
  9. Milk tastes sour when lefted in open for a while due to – Lactic Acid
  10. The purest form of Iron is – Wrought iron
  11. The Tear gas is – Carboyl Chloride
  12. The detergents used for cleaning clothes and utensils contains – Sulphonates
  13. The waves used in oven is known as – Microwaves
  14. The plastic material commonly used for making gear wheels is – Nylons

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