General Science Awareness Set B

Learn all the important one-liner of General Science Awareness. These are the most important General Science awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams.

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  1. The penicillin is extracted from – Fungus
  2. The natural wax and Iac are obtained as – Insect secretions
  3. The Temperature density of water is maximum at – C
  4. The seperation of cream from milk by churning is due to – Centrifungal force
  5. At atomic clock is based on transition in – Cesium
  6. Pituitary gland is located in – Brain
  7. The Onion is a modified form of – Stem
  8. A rare and endangered animal in Silent Valley is – Lion-tailed Macaque
  9. The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low – Density
  10. The plants which grows on rocks are called – Lithophytes
  11. Kidney disease in man is caused by the pollutant – Cadmium
  12. Rod shaped bacteria is known as – Bacillus
  13. Pathogenic bacteria secrete – Antigens
  14. Cholera germs is discovered by – Robert Koch
  15. The sex of a child is determined before birth by – Foetus of Mother

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