Economy Awareness Set A

Learn all the important one-liner of Economy Awareness. These are the most important Economy awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams.

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  1. The Worldwide great depression happens in – 1929
  2. Preparing butter & ghee for household consumption of own family is a part of – Consumption
  3. The Tree like structure of records in a database is – Hierarchical Model
  4. National Rural Health Mission was launched in – 2005
  5. The largest producer of wheat in India – Uttar pradesh
  6. Rent is a cost paid for – Land
  7. competition commission of India was established in – 2003
  8. Buoyancy of a tax is defined as – Increase in tax revenue
  9. Economic problem arises because of – Scarcity of means
  10. The Father of Economics is – Adam Smith
  11. The term ‘Micro Economics and Marcro Economics’was coined by – Ragner Prisch
  12. Arthashastra by ‘Kautilya’ is related with – Political Reign
  13. Amartya Sen was awarded with Noble Prize for his contribution to – Welfare Economics
  14. Oikonomia means – Household Management
  15. “New Silk Route” is a rail route which links China with European country – Germany

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