Economy Awareness Set E

Learn all the important one-liner of Economy Awareness. These are the most important Economy awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams.

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  1. The term ‘Plastic Money’ is known as – Credit and Debit cards
  2. The biggest tax paying sector in India is – Industrial Sector
  3. IDBI was established in – July 1964
  4. The 14 Indian banks were nationalized in – 1969
  5. The total number of nationalized bank in India – 21
  6. The Decimal Money system was started in – 1957
  7. The cash reserve ratio and open market operation are the tools of – Monetary Policy
  8. The one rupee note bears the signature of – Finance Secretary
  9. The SBI was earlier known as – Imperial Bank of India
  10. A single tax that replaces state taxes like surcharge, turnover tax is termed as – VAT
  11. The tax on expenditure was suggested by – Kaldor
  12. The standard of living in a country is represented by – Per Capita Income
  13. The census of India agriculture is done by – Expenditure Method
  14. ‘Hire adn Fire’ is the policy of – Capitalism
  15. The Narsimhan committee is related to – Banking reforms

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