Economy Awareness Set D

Learn all the important one-liner of Economy Awareness. These are the most important Economy awareness 2019 which can be useful in Banking, SSC, Railways and many more competitive exams.

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  1. The organisation which collects data for unorganised sector – NSSO
  2. The Economic growth mainly dependent on – Level of investment
  3. The VAT was first implemented in – France
  4. Indirect taxes by nature are – Regressive
  5. The proceeds of Income tax go to – Centre and states
  6. The most of the working population of India is engaged in – Primary Sector
  7. The Corporate tax is imposed by – Central Government
  8. The report of Vijay Kelkar Committee relates to – Tax reforms
  9. The Mastricht treaty is related to – European Unification
  10. The RBI replaces PLR system with – MCLR
  11. The youngest populated state in India isBihar
  12. The World bank was formed in – 1944
  13. The main source of revenue for a state government in India – Sales Tax
  14. Parallel economy emerges due to – Tax Avoidance
  15. The term “Quota” is – Limit on the quantity of Imports

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